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My name is Richard and I run a Hydroponic Grow in Michigan with 72 plants and 50 lights. We always grow the same strain and have very strict protocols. Our normal harvest would yield 56 total pounds. We dialed in a few things and were able to get that up to 83 lb per harvest. I never thought I would do better than that! I thought I was a rock star.

I had a bottle of Humic Harvest Humic Acid X75 and started using 1 ml per gallon. I thought that it couldn’t hurt. It wasn’t until I started trimming my second plant that I realized something was much different. The flowers were dense and sticky. I had never seen this strain look like this. No one else that grows this strain has either. The smell, everything was better.

Then we weight it all up. We had 150 lbs!!! This meant we got 4 lbs per plant! I couldn’t even believe it! We normally cure the flower on big drying walls and normally we use 2 and have a 3rd one for overflow. This harvest we filled up all 3 and then had to get a 4th and filled that and now I still have more coming!

This stuff works and it is amazing. I am telling everyone I know to get some.

Humic Acid is quickly becoming recognized by science as one of the most important modern agricultural inputs for the restoration of healthy soil.

Naturally abundant in pristine, undisturbed soils, humic substances are extremely complex molecules that are formed by soil microorganisms as plant matter degrades over time. Their effects are immediate: as soon as these substances are applied to soil, they begin unlocking bound nutrients, increasing cation exchange capacity, and stimulating beneficial soil biology.

SAVE MONEY! Whatever you are growing, Humic Harvest can give you better results with less fertilizer. Preventing nutrient loss is critical to protecting your fertilizer investment, up to 80% of which can lost due to runoff, volatilization and nutrient lockup. Water-Extracted Humic Acid® creates conditions in the soil that prevent these losses, protecting your investment and the environtment simultaneously!


Our patented water extraction process keeps the long-chain molecular structure of humic acid molecules intact. This retains humic acid’s natural power, as nature intended!

Humic Acid is long-chain organic molecule characterized by a colloidal nature which easily “complexes” the nutritive elements in the soil and brings them to the root of the plant in an available form.

Humic Acid also accelerates the growth of micro-organisms.


4 weeks after applying Humic Harvest to the lawn under continued “low water” conditions.

Very small plants

Plants are twice the size!

Water-Extracted Humic Acid® application rate are much lower than potash extracted humic acids.

Use of Water-Extracted Humic Acid® raises in brix levels, making food taste better and sweeter! It also makes the fruit bigger, the grass greener, and the vegetables taste better.


New research has shown land restoration will play a major role in combating climate change by sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere. Water Extracted Humic Acid® could be a vital tool because of its ability to quickly increase carbon in the soil. Carbon in the soil attracts and binds CO2 in the atmosphere, which reduces the negative impact of global warmin.

Fulvic Acids are substances that neutralize bound up pesticides, heavy metals and glyphosates. When present in the soil, these toxic substances can negatively affect the growth of plants by slowing down their root activity.

When toxic chemicals in the soil are broken down, plants respond with vigorous root growth, increased immune response, and better use of available nutrients.

Fulvic Acids stimulate the process of photosynthesis. In fall or winter seasons and seasons of low light because they promote plant cell division through photosynthesis.

Nucleic acids and amino acids are the major constituents of the fulvic acid fraction in humuic substances. Since fulvic acids have a low molecular weight and are water-soluble on both sides of the pH scale, they are readily absorbed through semi-permeable membranes of plant cells and actively work in association with them.

For these reasons, Fulvic Acids make photosynthesis more efficient.


Water-Extracted Humic Acid® retains all the nutritive elements in the soil, which overcomes leaching problems.

Benefits of using Humic Acids in poor soils:

Soils poor in humic acid cannot hold nutrients due to leaching.Humic acids gives the soil negative charge (-), this creates molecular attraction between the negative soil particles and the positive charge (+) of nutrients (fertilizer); opposite’s attract.

Nutrients are now retained in the soil, and promote a food source for these newly formed root systems.

Adding Water-Extracted Humic Acid® X75 to your fertilization program allows you to take the critical step towards restoring soils to their natural state before the heavy use of chemical fertilizers and tillage.

In a long-chain humic acid molecule that has not been broken apart by potassium hydroxide, all the trace minerals, fulvic acid, plant RNA, plant DNA and amino acids are all bound together.


  • Patented Water-Extraction
  • Increase efficiency of fertilizers, chemicals, and amendments
  • Increase organic matter
  • Stimulated biological activity
  • Unlocks bound up nutrients
  • Regulates the pH levels
  • Remediates toxins in the soil
  • Increase BRIX levels
  • OMRI listed for organic use

Fulvic and humic acids are a team that work synergistically with ionic trace minerals in nature.