What is Humic Acid?

Humic/Fulvic acid and other humic substances, collectively referred to as humates, are the final stage of organic matter as it degrades to its smallest possible size. They are extremely complex molecules, formed naturally over time by soil microorganisms as they recycle the nutrients and organic matter present in decaying plant material. In healthy, pristine soils, humates are constantly formed by the life and death cycles of plant roots, microorganisms, and fungi in the soil. Modern agricultural practices have disrupted this cycle – in order to maintain good soil health, it is now necessary to add this critical component back into the soil, so that we can reap the benefits of working with instead of against nature.

What is Humic Acid

Uses of Humic acid:

  • Benefits the health, quality, and yield of a wide array of crops, fruit/nut trees, and turf.
  • Can be applied directly to the soil or as a foliar spray, by itself or mixed with fertilizers/chemicals.
  • Works great in both soil and hydroponic growing conditions.
  • Can be applied to compost to decrease odors and accelerate aerobic decomposition.
  • Can be used as a nutritional supplement for livestock of all kinds. Numerous studies have shown increased feed to weight efficiency, decreased odor in manure, and increased immune system function. (Product coming soon!)


Humic acid Benefits

Greater fertilizer and chemical efficiency

Humic acid prevents soil conditions that lead to runoff and volatilization – the molecules work to quickly increase organic matter and bind nutrients to soil particles until they are needed by plants. The humic and fulvic acid molecules stabilize the chemical fertilizers in the soil, decreasing the typical 50-80% loss that occurs in most situations. This is an obvious plus for your pocketbook and the environment!

Humic acid’s chemical efficiency boost doesn’t just apply to fertilizers, however. Due to its effect of increasing the permeability of plant cells, it can be mixed with similarly reduced rates of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc for better results by using less. There is also the beneficial component that humic acid acts to bind with and break down chemical residues in the soil, decreasing their long term negative impact.

humic acid benefits

Unlocks bound nutrients in the soil for plant uptake

While chemical fertilizers are often too unstable to stick around long enough for plants to use, minerals in the soil, both inherent and imported through fertilizers and water, often become bound and immobilized in the soil. This is a common fate of phosphorous and other critical nutrients, which “scale” in the soil in the same way they build up in water pipes, damaging the structure of the soil. Humic acid dissolves this mineral scale, which both softens the soil for plant roots and breaks the minerals back down to a plant available size.

Unlocks bound nutrients in the soil for plant uptake

Increased organic matter

Organic matter serves many diverse functions within healthy soil:

  • Improves soil structure
  • Buffers salts, minerals, and toxins from plant roots
  • Regulates soil PH


Increases Cation Exchange capacity

Cation exchange capacity is crucial for nutrient mobility and biological function in the soil.


Stimulates beneficial biological activity

Humic and fulvic acid contains oxygen in its molecular structure, and provides this oxygen to beneficial soil biology, even if the soil itself is very low in oxygen.


Healthier, stronger plants are naturally more resistant to pests and disease

It has long been observed that the healthier a plant is, the more naturally resistant to pests and disease it is. Chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc serve to kill off the invader, but do nothing to support the long term health of the plant or the soil it depends on. Humic acid helps to boost the entire system as a whole, enhancing the plants native defenses against any type of invader.


Decreases water requirements

Humic and fulvic acid improves soil health, which in turn means crops require less water. Healthy soil with abundant biological activity and organic matter sequesters water and prevents runoff of this and other valuable resources.


The Humic Harvest Difference

We manufacture the highest quality Humic Acid with the highest levels of fulvic and humic acid on the market. Our goal is to maximize soil health and therefore farm profitability and sustainability at a reasonable cost. Our product is unlike all other humic acids, which are chemically extracted and contain little to no fulvic/humic acid. Our humic acid comes from our patent pending water extraction method. Nothing but high quality plant based humic shale and distilled water is used. This means it works better!

Humic Harvest is available in bulk amounts. Contact us for a quote and find out how you can save money and grow better crops by using one of the finest inputs nature has to offer!

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