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Humic acid has long served as a natural plant fertilizer, harmonizing the conditions of soil and allowing plants to benefit from maximum nutrient uptake and protection from toxins.


It is predicted that soil once contained around 25% humic acid. Recent studies suggest that humic acid content in Virginia farmland is less than 1%. The use of modern agriculture methods has stripped our land of its most potent fertilizer.

The application of humic acid as a liquid fertilizer can help to restore the balance of nature, and improve the condition of the soils in which we grow our food, and the quality and yield of the crops that we produce.

Humic acid is a completely organic liquid fertilizer, and is therefore a sustainable long term farming method which improves the overall conditions of your land.


What Is Humic Acid?


What Is Humic Acid? - Humic Harvest
What Is Humic Acid?


Humic acid is comprised of humates, extremely complex molecules that are formed as soil microorganisms break down organic matter, and recycle the nutrients contained within.

Humates contain around 50% carbon, 40% oxygen, 5% hydrogen and 3% nitrogen, though its exact composition depends on the environment in which it was formed.

Humic acid has always been essential for the functioning of healthy soil and the subsequent growing of healthy, nutritious plants. Our soil now lacks the necessary amounts of humic acid to grow vegetables.

Farmers continue to resort to artificial fertilizers in order to improve their yields, perpetuating the loss of humates in the soil. Humic acid plant fertilizer is the organic solution to an artificial problem.


Uses Of Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer


Uses Of Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer - Humic Harvest
Uses Of Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer


Humic acid can be used as a beneficial plant fertilizer in a number of different situations:

  • Used to improve soil conditions and increase organic matter
  • Improves health, quality and yield of a number of different crops, trees, turf (grass/lawn) and gardens.
  • Can be used as a natural fertilizer in hydroponic grows
  • Can be used by itself as an organic fertilizer, or mixed with fertilizers and chemicals to reduce the amount needed
  • Can be used to accelerate decomposition of compost
  • Can be used as a livestock supplement to increase animal health and farming efficiency


Benefits Of Humic Acid Plant Fertilizer (Vegetable Fertilizer)


Benefits Of Humic Acid Plant Fertilizer - Humic Harvest
Benefits Of Humic Acid Plant Fertilizer


The application of humic acid as a plant fertilizer has many benefits for crops, food quality and holds the key to a sustainable future for farmers.

  • When added to the soil as a plant fertilizer, humic acid binds and chelates cations, unlocking the bioavailability and aiding the plant’s uptake of nutrients. Crops have greater access to the trace minerals in the soil. The same mechanism serves to ‘lock up’ harmful toxins and metals.
  • The addition of humic acid liquid fertilizer increases the amount of organic matter in the soil. This helps to improve the soil structure, balance PH levels, and protect crops against harmful toxins and metals. Greater oxygen levels also improve soil biology.
  • Humic acid helps soil to retain water, preventing runoff and encouraging retention through stronger soil structure. Crops require less water, and are also more able to uptake useful nutrients through the roots.
  • Humic acid plant fertilizers improve the strength and resilience of your crops to pests and disease, without the need for chemicals which further weaken them in the long run.
  • Ultimately, the application of humic acid plant fertilizers increases crop yields and food quality, and restores the long term health of your soil.


How To Apply Humic Acid Plant Fertilizer


How To Apply Humic Acid Plant Fertilizer - Humic Harvest
How To Apply Humic Acid Plant Fertilizer


Humic acid plant fertilizer can be applied to directly to soil, or used as a foliar spray. You can use it by itself as a natural fertilizer, or mix it with other chemicals and fertilizers. If you mix it, be sure to reduce the amount of chemicals used, as they will go much further with the help of humic acid.

To use humic acid plant fertilizer simply:

  • To cover one acre, mix 1 gallon of Humic Acid with at least 5 to 10 gallons of water or enough water to cover an acre.
  • Agitate the mixture before application.
  • Use the solution within 24 hours, using your usual methods for applying fertilizer.
  • It is best to begin application during planting or prior to germination. You can reapply humic acid liquid fertilizer once every 6 weeks or so.


Organic Water Extracted Humic Acid®


5 gallon Humic Harvest30 gallon Humic Harvest55 gallon Humic Harvest

Humic Harvest offer the highest quality humic harvest plant fertilizer on the market. It is made from nothing but plant-based humic shale, and is extracted using our patented process water extraction method, making it the purest form available.

Our humic acid is approved by the US National Organic Program, and is tested to prove the validity of its use as a fertilizer.

You can get your Organic Water Extracted Humic Acid® in 8 oz, 5 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon, 1 pallet (220 gallon) measures. Contact us for details.

Apply humic acid to your land now, and restore the natural balance of your soils and the health of your crops. The future of farming depends on it!