Organic Water Extracted Humic Acid® Chemical extracted humic acid
Chemicals used in extraction None (Water Only) Potassium Hydroxide (Lye)
Chemical used in buffering None Yes
Amount needed per acre 8oz-14oz 5 gallons-20 gallons
Cost per gallon $20-$99 $10-$30
Cost per acre $2.18-$10.82 $50-$600
pH 1.5-2.0 11.0-13.0
Ability to regulate soil pH High Low
Hydrophilic (Attracts Water) Yes No
Hydrophobic (Repels Water) No Yes
Ability to retain water in soil High Low
Stability High Low
Solubility High Low
Source Material High Quality Humic Shale Low Quality Lignite or Leonardite(Coal)

*Data from laboratory analysis and competitor information/reports.

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