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Our Water-Extracted Humic Acid™ could be the tool we need to help us repair climate change damages. Read more about carbon fixing in the soil…

100% Water Extracted & Made in the USA

  • Increases efficiency of fertilizers, chemicals and amendments
  • Increases organic matter
  • Up to 30% yield increases
  • Up to 50% reduction in fertilizer usage
  • As low as $4 per acre
  • As low as $4 per gallon
  • Stimulates biological activity
  • Unlocks bound up nutrients
  • Regulates PH in acid or alkaline conditions
  • Remediates radiation and other toxins in soils
  • Remediates heavy metal contamination in soils
  • Increases BRIX levels
  • OMRI listed for Organic Farming

Whatever you are growing, Humic Harvest can give you better results with less fertilizer. Preventing nutrient loss is critical to protecting your fertilizer investment, up to 80% of which can be lost due to runoff, volatilization and nutrient lockup. Humic Harvest creates conditions in the soil that prevent these losses, protecting your investment and the environment simultaneously!

We are an organic humic acid manufacturer in the USA specializing in WEFHAS certified products (water extracted products) that can be directly applied to your soil or foliage, either alone or in a mixture with organic fertilizers or chemicals to improve nutrient intake and build crop growth.

At just $5 per acre, Humic Harvest Humic Acid is the most economical and ecologically friendly way to heal and protect soil for  future generations.

Many farmers are concerned with the poor health of their soil and low crop yields from land that used to thrive. The ability for Humic Acid to heal soil, improve crop quality and increase yields has been widely known for decades.

Scientifically proven to:

  • Stimulate plant growth and increase microorganisms in the soil
  • Maximize chelation of plant nutrients
  • Increase cation exchange capacity
  • Improve soil tilth
  • Increase permeability of compacted soils
  • Raise moisture retention capacity
  • Maximize photosynthesis
  • Raise water uptake capability in high salinity soils
  • Promote plant growth
  • Increase cell division
  • Transform phosphorus into a plant available form
  • Boost buffering capacity of soils

Humic Harvest offers the Highest Quality Humic Acid with a proven track record for fast and reliable service.

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Pricing as low as $5 per acre for our Water Extract, WEFHAS Certified, OMRI Listed Humic Acid. We specialize in creating formulations for bulk Humic Acid fertilizer suppliers. We also offer Raw Humic Shale at the industry’s lowest prices, we guarantee it!

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