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About Us

Humic Harvest was founded with the intent to provide the highest quality humic/fulvic acid to farmers at an extremely low cost. Farming has become one of the most under appreciated jobs in modern society, yet it is one we all depend on. Unfortunately, those who supply farmers with the inputs and materials they need, often price their products at the highest price point the market can bear, rather than cost of production. This leads to farming itself becoming less and less profitable.

Our goal is to maximize soil health and therefore farm profitability and sustainability at a reasonable cost, to provide considerable value to the farmers we serve. We are a Christian family owned business – our loyalty and commitment is to our customers and the planet.

We welcome you to contact us about ordering Humic Harvest or if you have any other questions, either by email, phone, address, or using the contact form below.

Email: info@humicharvest.com

Phone: 805-277-7758

Address: Humic Harvest, Inc. 4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd #384 Westlake Village, CA